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Congrats to the Winners of the bi-monthly IMDb qualifying competition! 

March 2nd, 2024

Best Narrative Feature

Don Q

Director: Claudio Bellante

Best Documentary Feature

Shot Dead

Director: Teryn Gregson

Best Feature Script

The Artemis Factor

Gail Ann Henrickson

Best Short Script

Familiar Nightmare

Shina Fly

Best Narrative Short


Director: Peter Vincent Carlos

Best Documentary Short

PlantMurmurs: Brigitte Potter-Mael and Art Practices

Director: Masayuki Iwase

Best Director

SDI: Secret Department of Intervention

Director:  Sébastien BACCALA

Best Producer

Genevieve Sulway

I am Kanaka

Best Actress

Shang Gao

Through life and death

Best Editor

David Jones

Nothing for us


Best Composer

Yoojung Hwang

Homeless Kwon Jenny

Best Indie Film

The Wicked: Reborn

Director: Matthew Stalletti

Best Student Film


Director: Matteo S Lewis

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